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Struggling with spreadsheet or paperwork chaos in your feedlot? Our software turns confusion into clarity. With us, you get accurate feed mixing and delivery, custom cattle invoicing, herd health tracking, and informed decision-making all in one place.

From backgrounding to finishing, regardless of the size of your operation, we're your one-stop solution. Our app works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, with no expensive equipment required.

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What's included?
Everything. There are a lot of features to the app. Here are some of them at a high level.
FeatureFree TrialPro
Performance IndicatorsCost/Lb Gain, Average Daily Gain, Dry Matter Efficiency, Profits, etc
Feed DeliveryTrack every pound of feed loaded and delivered
RationsOrganize your rations and accurately deliver feed
LotsTrack everything per lot: feed, shipping, charges, medications, implants, tags
PensTrack which lots are in each pen
InventoryTrack and manage inventory of commodities and medications
MedicationsTrack all costs of medication
Automated YardageYardage and other charges are automatically calculated
Origin of CattleUnderstand where the well performing cattle came from
Cloud App AccessAccess the app from any smart device
InvoicingGet paid easily for contracted cattle
Data AnalysisReports and graphs provide real-time data to improve your operations
Mixing Your Rations
eliminate mistakes made on paper
On a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, the system guides you through mixing your rations.
Deliver Feed to Pens
accurately delever feed to each pen
On a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, the system guides you through feeding. All costs of feed are accurately saved to each group of animals.
generate invoices for custom fed cattle
At the end of the month, with the click of a button, generate an invoice for your customers.
view a variety of reports for analysis
Many reports are available to easily view the data you need to analyze your operation.
Receive Cattle
record what you paid and a starting weight
On the day you receive cattle into your feedlot, enter the quantity of heads received and which pens they were moved to. Price paid and starting weight can also entered at this time.
Ship Cattle
closeouts available as soon as cattle are shipped
When you ship cattle, enter the quantity of heads shipped and which pens they came from. Sale price and finishing weight can also entered at this time.
Pen Movements
As you need to move cattle between pens, you simply tell the system the quantity of heads moving, and the source and destination pens.
Track Commodities
Keep track of each commodity and receive inventory alerts when you are running low.
Medications and Devices
organize your health program
Configure your health program into the system to have medications, devices, and miscellaneous charges kept track of automatically.
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